Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy catch-up premium

Teignmouth Community School (Exeter road)

 How we spend our catch up premium

Group Students   
Students below level 4 in reading and  maths 9 5% of year group
Students below level 4 in reading 7 4% of year group
Students below level 4 in maths 14 8% of year group
Amount per student   £500
Total funding received   £15 000

The funding was used to allow a HLTA time to work with small groups of students within their maths lessons.  The intention is to accelerate progress and allow students to join the rest of the year group in year 8.  Students follow the year 7 scheme of work  , and using frameworking books, the additional support they receive is designed to accelerate their rate of progress.

An additional English group was created in year 7 to allow targeted support to students.  They are also supported in these lessons by department teaching assistants. Additional literacy support is provided within the centre for appropriate learning (CAL).  Within CAL:

  • Students are identified by English teachers to receive an additional lesson of support each week focused on specific areas of need.  These one to one impact session aim to run for ten weeks.  The objective is to accelerate progress in key areas.
  • The CAL literacy group runs all year for two periods a week focusing on writing skills.
  • Reading support within CAL uses a range of phonics based schemes to accelerate reading progress.

All of these interventions are carried out in addition to normal English lessons.


Cost (£)
Additional class in year 7 English 8 teacher periods £11,930
Literacy support worker in CAL for literacy intervention 2 periods £2983
TA support in CAL for specialist, additional literacy 5 hours a week £1950
Additional class in year 7 maths with HLTA 12 periods £5603

For 2014 to 2015 we anticipate a similar level of funding and the above interventions are planned to take place.

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