Teignmouth Students reach for the stars!

A team of Computing students from TCS have competed with other students across Europe for a place to run their computing experiment on board the International Space Station.

The team consisting of Ben Fekete, Aidan Franklin, Max McNally and Max Tooley entered the European Astro Pi Mission Space Lab Competition to create an experiment based around “Life in Space”. Their experiment involves taking measurement of atmospheric conditions on board the ISS and using the data collected to compare those conditions with the optimum conditions for human life on earth.

The European Space agency received over 200 submissions from teams across Europe, The TCS teams submission selected by a panel of ESA and Raspberry Pi Foundation Judges based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific value
  • Creativity and originality
  • Feasibility of the mission within the ISS environment
  • Code readability and quality
  • Overall rigour, clarity and comprehensiveness

Their code will now be uplinked to the ISS, to run on Astro Pi Vis (Ed) in the European Columbus module, Europe’s Main space research module permanently attached to the Space Station. The code will collect data about conditions on board that the team will then need to analyse and compare before preparing a report on their findings and recommendation, to submit to the European Space Agency in June.

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