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At Teignmouth Community School, we take the issue of e-safety for students very seriously. The Internet is fast becoming an essential part of everyday life. The majority of students are competent users of a variety of online tools including gaming and social networking sites such as Facebook, and devices including smart phones and iPads.
As both parents and students need to be more aware of potential issues, please see the link at the bottom of this page which will provide important information and helpful tips on helping your children stay safe online and provide you as parents with information on what you can do to protect your children whilst still allowing them to enjoy the vast resources that are on the internet.

Please click here to view a copy of our E-safety policy.



Keep up to date with online safety! If you would like to follow National online safety via Twitter please use the link, or if you prefer, visit their website  –

National Online Safety Resources & Parent Advice links

As part of our #WakeUp campaign, we have created a free updated Reddit guide for parents & carers for your school to share with its whole school community!

Reddit is commonly referred to as “the front page of the internet”, with millions of users continually creating/sharing videos, images, memes and much more on this forum-style site. This free guide for parents & carers covers what they need to know about the platform to help safeguard their children from potential online risks including; online payments, inappropriate and potentially harmful content, trolling, fake news and more.

Please help us spread the message by retweeting our Reddit guide for parents & carers here:

For more information regarding our NOS Certified School Community package, developed in line with the new 2018 DfE Statutory Guidance, ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’, please complete the form here:

For several years students at TCS have enjoyed access to excellent IT facilities. We continue to extend our facilities, upgrading existing hardware and software including recent upgrades to the latest Microsoft specifications.

At Mill Lane, we have modern range of IT facilities which maximise our approach to teaching and learning, including the use of interactive white boards and projectors.

At Exeter Road, we have 7 main computer suites but also have equipment installed in other strategic areas which allows us to surpass our target ratio of 1 computer per 2 students. We have over 800 computers available to students which give fast access to the internet and other software applications, most of which are available to students before school, break times and after school.


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