Mill Lane Host NQT Workshop

On 1st November we hosted a NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) workshop through our local Teaching School Alliance. They observed some of our Numeracy lessons and these were some of the positive comments that were made about what they saw:-

  • Y2 books were really well presented
  • Y6 showed targeted questions and deeper questioning
  • Teachers assessed children’s understanding throughout
  • Reception classes behaviour was very good and class management was very good
  • Reception classes activities were clear and appropriate to the children
  • Lessons were fast paced
  • Opportunities to use the outdoor space was used
  • Peer assessment took place
  • Sets worked really well
  • Initial assessment was taken and then abilities were set from this
  • All children were on track with their learning-they knew what their targets were
  • Teacher facilitated independent learning
  • Children were engaged in their learning
  • TA was great at supporting and extending understanding
  • Positive praise was used
  • Mini plenaries were used throughout
  • Groups within the class changed based on self and teacher assessment
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