Year 6 – Mrs Dudley

On Monday 18th September, all of year 6, Mrs Dudley’s and Mr Correy’s classes, went away for their one week residential to Embercombe.


During the week, we slept in yurts and took part in many activities that helped us to understand about sustainable living.

We used flint and rods and foraged materials to light fires in the woods. We met the sheep and used their wool to make felt. We also thought about the importance of knowing where our food comes from and making informed choices; Bob, the local ranger, taught us how to skin rabbits and the meat was used by the chefs to make that evening’s dinner. During the week, we also made a new pizza oven out of cob that we had mixed too. Along with all of this, we picked apples and helped make apple juice along with other gardening and cooking tasks.

In the evenings, we went on dusk and night walks, relying on senses other than our eyes to guide us and on the final evening, we sat around the campfire and told stories and sang songs under a star-covered sky.

We had an amazing experience, one we will never forget.

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