Year 2 – Miss Gobel

Year 2 – 20th September 2017
Maths – in maths we have been looking at counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We have been singing songs to help us learn the patterns of numbers. The children have been using denies to find the amount of 10’s and 1’s in a two digit number. This supports the children’s understanding of place value. They have also been using this knowledge to help solve number problems. We have been challenging ourselves by looking at partitioning 2 digit numbers in different ways. We have ordered and compared numbers, showing the smallest and largest and beginning to explain why.


Topic – The children have been introduce to The Great Fire of London. We have been sequencing the events of the fire and discuss where it had started. The children have been using adjectives in their writing to describe what they can see, smell, hear and feel.


Science – We have been identifying, groups and classifying materials. We have been exploring suitability of everyday materials for different objects such as what material would make a chair and why. We are starting to use our scientific skills to predict, and observe changes in materials through experiments.



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