What is Thrive?
The Thrive Approach draws on the latest research – from current neuroscience, recent attachment research, current studies of effective learning and current models of child development – in order to help adults understand children’s behaviour as communication. It is an integrated approach. Its strength is that it pulls together work from different disciplines to provide one model that is systematic, dynamic and relevant and helps adults respond to a child’s emotional situation in a way that supports their emotional and social development.

If children have been emotionally thrown off track, either temporarily or over longer periods, Thrive helps us understand the needs being signalled by their behaviour and gives us targeted strategies and activities to help them re-engage.



The Thrive Hive
Here at TCS Mill Lane, we are very fortunate to have wonderful Thrive facilities. The Thrive Hive is a specifically tailored environment that provides children who attend with the space needed to support their emotional and social learning.

The Thrive Hive is a small class of around 2-6 children with identified social, emotional and/or behavioural needs. They may be children who feel insecure in school or who may need more adult support than cannot be provided within a mainstream class setting.

Within the Thrive Hive, children have the opportunity to develop positive 1:1 relationships with adults and other children in a constant and predictable setting. The aim of the learning is to support children in building self-esteem, confidence, independence, team work, and social skills as well as providing emotional and behavioural support.

How are children taught in the Thrive Hive?
Learning and activities are planned closely to those that are completed in their mainstream class to ensure that the same skills and objectives are taught as their peers. This ensures that, whilst there is a focus on social, emotional and behavioural, access to the curriculum is still provided. Learning may however be broken down into smaller more manageable chunks to support the children in being and feeling successful.


How are children identified?
Every term, each class are whole class screened. These are completed by the class teacher alongside our Licensed Thrive Practitioner. This may lead to identifying a child or group of children who may need an individual Thrive assessment and thus access to the Thrive Hive.

Individual Thrive assessments are only completed upon permission of the parent/carer. These individual assessments will lead to individual action plans being drawn up which will then be shared with the parent/carer who are then encouraged to do some of the activities at home to reinforce what is done at school. These will be completed termly to monitor progress.

When will my child be in the Thrive Hive?
The Thrive Hive is run all day every day but when your child visits may vary according to their need. When in the Thrive Hive on a full time basis, children will be collected from their mainstream class at 9:05 and remain in the class until returning to their mainstream class for home time. Others may just be supported in the morning, returning to their mainstream class for afternoon. Others may just be supported once or twice per week. This will be in the afternoon sessions.

Our Thrive Staff
Mr Smith – Licensed Thrive Practitioner and Leader for Inclusion and Thrive

Thrive News:
Autumn Time in Thrive Hive

The start of a new academic year and a new home for the Thrive Hive. We are now based next door to Miss Sowden’s Year 3 classroom. This has been really exciting for everyone as it has opened up lots of new possibilities in the Thrive Hive….

Firstly I’d like to introduce you to a new member of staff to the Thrive Hive but a familiar face…Mrs Bodman has now joined Mr Smith in the Thrive Hive as the Thrive Teaching Assistant. Mrs Bodman supports children both within the Thrive Hive but also within their mainstream setting. This enables children to make the transition from Thrive back to mainstream class more manageable. We are thrilled to have Mrs Bodman working with us  🙂 .

Secondly, we now have 3 separate work areas in the Thrive Hive. Firstly, there is the Main Thrive Room where children, who come to Thrive, will begin their Thrive Sessions, either sharing a snack or story.

Then there is the rather popular Sensory Room. This area is a working progress but is a place where children can go help soothe, relax and calm when things just get a bit too tricky. It’s a space where children can go to just feel safe. In this room, there is a comfy sofa with soft, cuddly cushions as well as squishy bean bags. There are soft toys to enable children to share their thoughts/feelings in a safe non-intrusive way as well as plenty of calming activities and books to help understand feelings and emotions. There is also a small tent to retreat into. Children have particularly enjoyed the colours, lights and movement of the relaxing Ocean Master Wave projector alongside the soothing sounds of the ocean.


Finally, there is the Intervention Room. A place where children engage in learning activities, either on a 1:1 basis or in smaller groups, so that their academic needs are still met as well as their social and emotional learning needs.

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