Student Voice – Exeter Road

Please meet our elected School voice panel with representatives from Year 7 to 13. They meet with Mr Willmott and share information together that they feel is important to improve our school. Student voice is a vital part of our work at TCS, Exeter Road in having a say in the decisions that affect them.

Item for discussion was the new school tie
There were 7 examples of school tie on offer. A-G.
Each member of the school council had one vote and the choice was unanimous.

Tie G got 10 votes
Tie F got 1 vote
Tie C got 1 vote

There was a lot a discussion about the width of the tie. Current trends are for narrower ties. Jack proposed the option of wearing a sport team tie if you represent the county in a sport and have their tie. To be discussed further.

There were 11 students present. One student acted as the model wearing the new blazer against which each tie was shown.

7 male students and 4 female students voted

Notes taken by RW


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