Year 3/4 – Mr Williams


World Book Day 2017
We had a whole range of characters and some amazing fancy dress! Well done Class 3/4 I think we all looked amazing!

Tag Rugby Festival @ Exeter Road
We took part in a exhilarating festival at our Exeter Road site to celebrate tag rugby. The day involved pupils form across the Teignmouth Learning Community. Our children represented the school superbly and took part in a range of workshops supporting their development or running, passing, kicking and playing rugby!

Chocolate Making @ Exeter Road
We had an exciting day over at Exeter Road pretending to be Willy Wonka! Mr Williams tasked us with designing our very own chocolate bar. We had to weigh the ingredients, packaging and an advertising campaign. It was exhausting but we certainly created some weird and wonderful chocolate bars!

The Power of Reading
Having spent a week exploring why reading is so important and hearing from celebrity’s such as; Tom Fletcher, Taylor Swift and David Walliams we presented an engaging assembly to KS2 promoting reading.

The Food Journey
This week we brought to life the journey our food goes on when it enters our body. Mr Williams facilitated an experiment where we all got our hands gooey, mushing up all kinds of things. Still, all in the interest in Science and Learning!

Challenging Our Learning
We spent time this week building a culture in challenge across the classroom. When our peers challenge us to defend a point of view or an inference, we have to ensure we can provide evidence to support our views. This becomes exceptionally important in reading. Anyway, we all love to play devil’s advocate!

Chief, Chief, Chief!
We have had a whole terms worth of coach and numeracy from Exeter Chief coaches! It has been fantastic and we’ve loved using rugby as a stimulus for our numeracy learning.

Teambuilding Time!
We love to engage pupils with growing personal skills as well as academic skills. Our Marshmallow and Spaghetti Tower Building challenge is just one example. The children loved the stick hands! We had some fantastic designs and the winning tower reached just under 1m!

Numeracy and Games!
When the opportunity arises we love to get the pupils using tablets and computer games to explore numeracy. There are some fantastic sites out there, I’d particularly recommend:

Football and Numeracy
Where we get the chance we love to use resources and manipulatives for numeracy. These football figures are a new resource from Mr Williams and they are great for exploring division.

Playing the Author!
Having written some amazing stories we secured an important audience to share our stories with. We engaged the year 2 children with our stories and really inspired them to ‘get into writing’! Super job class 3/4.

Dragon Eggs!
Having found some dragon eggs in the wildlife area this week we set about making our own. Who knew paper Mache required such resilience!

Rain, rain everywhere!
We have been exploring the water cycle in our literacy lessons and decided as a class the best way to share our learning would be to create an informative poster. Having made our posters it was important we shared them to an excited audience…off to year 5 we went!

Time to Measure Up!
We have been measuring this week and looking at converting units. This fed in to our fractions learning, exploring how many tenths are needed to make a whole etc.

Drumming @ Exeter Road
We attended a drumming workshop at Exeter Road this week. Later in the evening we performed for a huge audience in the auditorium, playing a part in the Teignmouth Learning Community music celebration!

Sliding 10 and 100!
In numeracy we have been exploring what happens, with regards to place value, when you divide a number by 10 or 100. The sliders were very handy to help us visualise what was happening.

We’ve got the bug!
Through making ‘factor bugs’ we were able to find all the factor pairs for a number. These were great fun and made our learning easy!

Mr Williams challenged us to design a game this week using electricity! Some of us made a buzzer game where you had to try and pass a loop over a metal line without touching it! Others made some buzzers for a question game! We all had lots of fun and there were some great ideas for games!

We have been exploring Myths and Legends in reading the last few weeks and decided to bring them to life whilst retelling them. Mr Williams gave us a choice of a range of methods to retell them. We had; games, puppet shows, poems, songs, posters to name but a few! Creative and exciting.

We’ve worked exceptionally hard this term learning the Violin. Having mastered (well, slightly!) the Violin, we invited parents in for a performance! It was fantastic and everyone played their part – well done all!

Budding Poets!
We wrote the most amazing poems this week in support of Red Nose Day. We explored why it is so important and then wrote a poem each to emphasise the importance. The year 4/5 class we read them to were blown away, a super way to celebrate our fantastic writing!

Mystery Writing
Following a few weeks exploring mystery stories we set about writing our own. To add purpose Mr Williams challenged us to write a story which would engage a year 6 audience. We spend two weeks planning and writing our stories, and with fantastic results! The year 6s loved them. They gave us some detailed and valued feedback whilst listening to us read them. A great morning!

Taking the Lead in Guided Reading
We’ve been looking at questioning in guided reading the last few weeks. We’ve looked at types of questions and questions we could ask to better our understanding of texts. Then came the catch… Mr Williams wanted us to write a guided reading session for one our our favourite texts! Each of us had to host our very own guided reading session, asking questions to our peers to stimulate discussion and engage them in learning. What a great experience it was for all!

Discover of the Stone Age!
As we launched our new topic this week we had the chance to become architects. Mr Williams hid ancient artefacts in a sand tray which we had to carefully uncover and then make inferences about what it could be, how it links to our topic, what it was used for etc.

Residential 2017!
I think it is best if we leave the children to tell you the stories on this one! Safe to say we all had a great time exploring Dartmoor!

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