Year 2 – Miss Gobel

16/03/17 STEM week!

We have been looking at different science experiments for STEM week. The skill we are practicing this week is our observation skills.

The first experiment we looked at was making Lava lamps using oil, water and a magic ingredient.
We then put some yellow daffodils into different coloured water to see if we can change the colours. We are going to check them every day to see what happens. As a class, we predicted that the flowers will change colour depending on the water.

The final experiment we looked at was an explosion. We saw how adding an ingredient to another could create a reaction. As a class, we couldn’t believe what happened. We were so excited we completed the experiment again.



06/03/17 Traction Man!


As a class we have been looking at the adventures of Traction Man. Over the last week we have been designing and creating a packaging box to sell our Traction Man doll. We started off by planning our ideas in our books before gathering our materials. The children really enjoyed making their projects and the freedom to express their ideas.

Please come and see our projects on display in the classroom.

When we arrived back from Christmas we decided to go on a bear hunt in the woods. We put on our wellies and coats, grabbed our torches and off we went. We travelled through a river, long wavy grass and a bubble storm until we reached the deep dark forest. In the forest we didn’t find any bears but we did find some… Dragon eggs!

The children were told our journey in the format of a traditional tale “we’re going on a bear hunt” as well as working together to create a piece of artwork. Come and see our project, it is in our building…. you may even see some superheroes!



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