Year 6 – Mrs Dudley


We have been learning how to record, import, trim and add effects to music using the computer programme Audacity.




Year 6 (Mrs Dudley’s class) had a visit from Jack’s Zoo who brought in some different animals for us to see, including a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, an albino African hedgehog, a White-faced Scops owl and a chinchilla . As we are learning a lot about sound in our topic at the moment, Jack told us about the different adaptations the creatures have for hearing. We enjoyed finding out about the animals and having a chance to stroke some of them too.


07/03/17 – Making musical instruments


In Mrs Dudley’s year 6 class, we have been making our own musical instruments out of everyday items as part of our ‘…and the beat goes on’ topic. We designed, made and evaluated them.

01/02/17 Music

In year 6 (Mrs Dudley’s class), we are learning about sound, hearing and music in our topic, ‘… and the Beat Goes On’. We have found out about the parts of the ear and have experimented to discover how well sound travels through a solid, liquid or gas. We discovered how to change the pitch of an instrument through exploration: blowing into bottles filled with different amounts of water, hitting different length Boomwhackers, plucking different width elastic bands and playing xylophones. Currently, we are making our own musical instruments using everyday items. We were particularly fortunate to have a special visitor come to see us. Adam Westcott, a local professional flamenco guitarist came into school and played some music for us; it was amazing and we especially noticed how quickly his hands and fingers moved whilst playing.

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