Year 6 – Mr Walsh

The Great Plague


Over the last few weeks, in the time in which we haven’t been preparing for the Key Stage 2 SATs, we have started to look at our new topic – London. In our literacy we have focused on the Great Plague and have created newspaper reports written from as if we were living at the time. Have a look at this fantastic example!

So far this term, we have been studying the topic ‘Earth Matters.’ In this topic we have learnt all about the Earth, how diverse it is, how extreme the Earth can be, as well as how dangerous it can be in different places around the globe! Specifically, we have concentrated on volcanoes recently – learning what they are, how they are formed and then using this information to create presentations on the topic of Mount Vesuvius and the tragedy that befell the people of Pompeii in 79 AD.

During literacy, we have just finished some spooky ghost stories and had the privilege of sharing our work with our younger peers in Year 3. We loved reading our fabulous work to them; they loved being read to also!


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