Year 5 – Mr Correy

Year 5 spent five afternoons having swimming lessons with qualified instructors at Cofton Holiday Park. The children made great progress: improving their stamina; refining strokes and learning how to breathe to the side when swimming front crawl. Six non-swimmers learnt how to swim and three of them actually managed a whole length of the pool by the end of the week. The children were very proud of their achievements and were presented with certificates by the instructors. Great fun was had by all.


On Safer Internet Day (SID), the main message this year was about the ‘power of image’ and how to stay safe when sharing images on line. Year 5 shared and discussed the SID ‘power of image’ powerpoint from their website and then took the SID online quiz. Nearly all of the children got full marks on the quiz and were proud to be ‘Internet Heroes!’



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