Year 3 – Miss Sowden


Our topic the children chose for the Summer Term is the ‘Savage Stone Age’. It covers such a huge period of history that it is difficult to understand how long it lasted. We started our topic by trying to get an idea of how long it was by using a 100m track to represent a certain amount of years and having to run around, turning back the time to different events through the stone-age.


We have also had a focus on cave paintings and using sand and glue had a go at creating our own cave paintings. We noticed that they often drew animals or handprints.

This week we have started to look at programming. We have used Beebots and have had to program in a sequence of steps that the Beebot then follows. We have had tasks to complete for example, trying to program the Beebot to travel around the edge of a book and trying to get the Beebot back to the same place using certain buttons. Sometimes they go the right way, but sometimes we have to adjust our programming to correct the direction.


Miss Sowden’s and Mr William’s classes have been working together in topic sessions this term.  Our topic is Rise of the Robots and so far we have looked at electrical circuits and how they work, used YouTube videos to learn how to draw robots, and are currently writing a piece of fiction or poetry based on a video starting point.  The children have been given a number of tasks to complete and they can choose which order they do them in.  We have enjoyed pairing up with different children and choosing how and when to complete each task.

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