Year 2 – Miss Brooks


Today we planted our beans!
We discussed what plants need, and how this could help us to grow our own beans. We decided the bean needed to be outside to get light and sunshine, as well as being watered regularly in a pot with soil for the plant to get nutrients. We created a rota to water the plant and have made diaries to record what happens.


Wednesday 15th March 2015
I can perform simple experiments, asking simple questions and make predictions.

Year 2 have had lots of fun making choice chambers today. We discussed where we found minibeasts when we went on a learning walk last week to find micro habitats, and came to the conclusion that most liked dark and damp places. We tested this by making a choice chamber with four sections (a dark and damp section, a dark and dry section, a light and damp section and a light and dry section). We used soil and containers with cardboard to separate the different sections. We then put woodlice into the chambers, predicting they would go into the dark and damp section. After half an hour we checked the chambers and most of the woodlice were in the dark and damp section, suggesting that animals choose their habitats for specific reasons that suit their needs.




This week Year 2 visited The Clipper Café in Shaldon. We met an Italian Chef called Gino and he showed us the traditional Italian way to make tagliatelle pasta. We watched him make the pasta dough using flour and eggs, making a bowl out of the flour on the table top. He then pushed the pasta through the pasta maker making it very thin. The settings on the pasta maker were then adjusted for it to cut the thin sheets into strips of pasta. We also got a chance to make butterfly pasta, which looked a bit like a bow tie.

We watched Gino make the tomato sauce to go with the pasta, using onions and basil and plum tomatoes. This was then mixed with the pasta!

We all tried some in a bowl with some squash and it was delicious! We even got to try the butterfly pasta we made. Afterwards Gino fetched some chocolate brownies for us to have before we said goodbye.

We learnt a lot about preparing food safely and hygienically, as well as the traditional way to make Italian pasta instead of buying it from a packet. We are going to write thank you letters for Gino because we enjoyed the day so much.


I can film a short scene, making simple edits after using a video programme.

Recently the children used the scripts they had written and the characters they had previously made to film their short Supertato scene. We produced scripts of a short scene from the story book Supertato, we discussed what a narrator was, how we write stage directions and how to set out a script. We then spent one lesson making our characters and backdrops, using vegetables, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and other crafts!

Then we spent an afternoon filming our scenes! We used a camera to film different parts, and we all played a different part, speaking from our scripts. Then after we had filmed, Miss Brooks uploaded them to the computer and we spent a little while editing the film, cutting bits out, adding title credits and words to our scenes to make them into short edited film clips.


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