Reception – Mrs Fleming

07/03/17 It’s a Bear


For our WOW Starter for our new topic, It’s a Bear!, we listened to a story in outdoor learning. Then we hunted for images of bears with letters on. We found all the images and then had to arrange the letters to spell out the words bear hunt. When we came back to the classroom we looked at an image of a bear paw print. We then used our thumb, fingers and a lolly stick to make a paw print in a disc of clay. Our paw prints looked amazing and we took them home.

Recently we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We learnt the tale of the signs of the zodiac, how people celebrate New Year, why red is an important colour and the meaning behind certain foods such as spring rolls. Nursery joined us for our circle time. We tried vegetable spring rolls at snack time. We created our own dragons which we made dance whilst listening to Chinese music. We then tried lots of different activities including writing Chinese numbers in red salt. We thought about members of our community that would be celebrating New Year. This all forms part of our learning on British Values and respecting different faiths and cultures.


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