Nursery – Miss Powley

Summer 1
I can use some number names accurately in play.
I can recite numbers to 10.


We have been using our wooden number blocks to count today during our morning welly walk. We counted the spots on the blocks and matched them to the numbers with support. We even worked as a team to order the numbers from 1-5 saying each number as we went.

Summer 1
Learning Objective: I can talk about things I have observed such as plants, animals and natural found objects.

Today we had a focus session on the carpet talking all about fruit that grows on trees. Mrs Webber has been showing the children how the seasons change the leaves on trees. We know all about what plants need to grow and shared our ideas with our talk partners.

Miss Powley wrote all of our ideas on the interactive whiteboard. We knew lots of different fruits that grew on trees! As part of home learning this week, we will be making our own fruits that grow on trees for our very own summer season tray.

Spring 2
Learning Objective: I can develop an understanding of growth over time. I know what plants need to grow.


This week we have been learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been planting our own beanstalks. We learnt that plants need soil, water and sunshine to grown. We pushed our French bean seeds into the soil, poured our own water onto the plant and put them in the window to catch the sunshine. We cannot wait to see them grow!

Spring 2
Pow Wow Café and Planting Visit.

Learning Objective: I can comment and ask questions about aspects of my familiar world, such as the place they live or natural world (UW, The World, 30-50).


As part of our weekly focus of Jack and the Beanstalk, we went into the local community today to see the new planters and plants growing at Pow Wow Café!
We walked down to the café together and talked about our local community and what we could see.

Mike showed us all around the gardens, we found potatoes, carrots, cabbages, chard, herbs and beanstalks! He said that in the soil they use alpaca poo to help the vegetables grow.

We told Mike that plants need soil, water and sunshine to grow. He was very impressed.

As a special treat, we then went into the café where Mike and his team made us vegan biscuits with delicious icing on, yummy hot chocolate and scrumptious apple and orange juice! We had a wonderful snack and walked back to school together.


Spring 2
Exploring Technology.
Learning Objectives: I can explore and show an interest in technological toys or real objects.


This week we have been learning about the story of The Gingerbread Man. We used pastry brushes on our class interactive whiteboard to mark make our own gingerbread faces using the paint application.
We used a selection of colours and took it in turns to share the brush. It was very exciting to explore technology in this way!


01/03/2017 Making Little Red Riding Hood Cupcakes!

Today we have been making our own bright red cupcakes inspired by our story this week – Little Red Riding Hood. We shared out the ingredients and each had a turn at mixing the cake mixture together. We added red food colouring to our cakes.


Learning Objectives:
Physical Development: Moving and Handling: 22-36: May begin to show a preference for a dominant hand
Communication and Language: Understanding: 22-36: Understands more complex sentences


28/02/2017 Pancake Day


To celebrate at nursery, we had some yummy sweet pancakes for café today. We all enjoyed munching on our pancakes and talked about what we will put on our pancakes tonight at home. We suggested toppings like strawberry sauce or bananas. Delicious! We even made our own pancakes with Mrs Frost at Outdoor Learning today. They were scrumptious.




We have been learning all about recycling and Rocky the Recycling Pup from The Paw Patrol! Today we had parents come and join us for a recycling arts afternoon. We collected cardboard, plastic tubs and bottles and lots of other materials to build our own masterpieces with!

Parents helped their children to build fire engines, rockets, police cars, castles and even a car for Rocky himself.

We used glue, glitter, paint, masking tape and other materials to build our models. The Early Years Team were over the moon with the response.

Thank you to our parents and carers that joined us.




A visit from the RNLI

We recently had a very special visit from the lifeboat team here in Teignmouth. We told them all about our Paw Patrol pup of the week – Zuma who saves people from sticky situations in the sea!.

They showed us all of their equipment, including their dry-suits, helmets, microphones, gloves, and even a balaclava. We could not believe how many layers they have to put on- and all in under 4 minutes after receiving a call!.

We talked about how to call for help and which number to dial if we see someone in trouble. 999.
Maisie’s Dad also showed us his special life jacket which had a flare and a GPS system inside to track where the lifeguards are. A few of the nursery children even got to try them on! We had such a fantastic time!.



A visit from our PCSO


We had a very special visitor to nursery recently, our school PCSO Saul. We were so excited to see him! Saul showed us all the different types of uniform that police officers can wear- we tried on jackets, helmets and hats. We even spoke to control through his radio.

We then went out to see Saul’s police van- which was amazing! We climbed inside the cell in the back of the van, sat in the driver’s seat and set off the sirens. Saul took our fingerprints using black ink. He then left us lots of exciting puzzles and colouring sheets for our classroom and gave us each a sticker to go home with.

A wonderful time was had by all.


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